Large article monitor

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Prevent the spread of radioactive contamination beyond the controlled area at your nuclear facility with an automated, easy-to-use monitor. The Thermo Scientific™ LAM12 Large Article Monitor screens large-sized items for gamma emitting radionuclides and measures down to clearance levels less than 0.4 Bq/g. Using Natural Background Reduction, the LAM12 monitor discriminates between NORM and man-made radiation, even in a fluctuating natural background. Where 60Co contamination is present, the LAM12 monitor can monitor specifically for this radionuclide using Cobalt Coincidence monitoring.
The LAM12 Large Article Monitor provides complete coverage for large article monitoring with simple operation. Background shielding and compensation reduce shine and scatter effects.
  • Provides precise, computerized, measurement control.
  • Measures fixed, smearable, internal and external gamma contamination simultaneously.
  • Measures down to 200 Bq independent of methodology.
  • Excellent uniformity of response across the chamber.
  • Fast, easy and thorough with no special training or supervision required.
  • Monitor single particles or distributed contamination equally effectively.
  • Reduced Time to Count (QuickScan) algorithm significantly reduces the counting time when articles clearly exceed, or are well below, the alarm level.
  • Monitor constantly checks for changing background radiation conditions during both background monitoring and the measurement cycle.
  • Status, instructions and results are clearly shown on a large color LCD touch screen.
  • Self-contained monitor does not require any peripherals to set up or configure.
  • Low power consumption means there is no need for a cooling fan which might suck in dust and dirt.
  • Modular X-channel platform, with common controller boards and simple cabling, provides for easy, low-cost maintenance.
  • Provides detector intelligence and powerful controller functionality (such as the automated calibration and source checking routines).
  • Sophisticated voltage scanning software included, clearly displaying the optimum voltage settings in order to optimize discrimination between man-made and NORM.
Additional Features:
  • Reduced time to count
  • Large touch-screen color LCD display
  • Automated calibration and checking routines
  • Easy upload and download via USB
  • Thermo Scientific™ ViewPoint™ compatibility
  • Optional weigh scale to enable specific activity of samples to be assessed and displayed
Recommended for: 
Nuclear Power Plants
Nuclear facilities
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