Radeye HEC Counter
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Obtain simultaneous alpha and beta radiation measurements with the Thermo Scientificâ„¢ RadEyeâ„¢ HEC+ portable sample counting system. The system incorporates a windowless, low noise, dual phosphor scintillation detector that is sensitive for beta emitters from approximately 10 keV, low energy X-ray emitters from approximately 3 keV and alpha emitters. Readings are automatically logged for later retrieval to a PC. The maintenance free RadEye HEC+ uses sophisticated low power technology components and microprocessor based fully automatic self-checks.
  • Simultaneous alpha/beta measurements in classic mode
  • Special EC-Mode measures low energy beta emitters (e.g. Ni-63) and electron capture nuclides (e.g. Fe-55, Mn-54, Cr-51)
  • Cost effective alternative to liquid scintillation counters for Ni-63 and H-3 samples
  • 800 hours battery operation
  • Customized library of up to 16 nuclides with automated half life correction
  • Simple detector performance verification with 9 g Lutetium Test Adapter
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