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Neutrons are used for material characterization in geological and geochemical sciences, material sciences and medical research. Personnel who work with neutron radiation need special instrumentation to monitor their radiation exposure and provide rapid warning of neutron radiation fields. The Thermo Scientific™ Radeye™ NL Personal Highly Sensitive Neutron Radiation Detectors complement passive and active neutron dosimeters and can be easily used by anyone working with industrial neutron sources, staff and inspectors of nuclear facilities, first responders and law enforcement officers.
The RadEye NL Personal Highly Sensitive Neutron Radiation Detector closes a gap in the classical product spectrum of the radiation measurement technology. While traditional Rem-Counters are usually heavy and bulky, the RadEye NL detector is compact and lightweight. Users (e.g. service staff) who travel on commercial aircraft can use the RadEye NL as it has a He-3 counting tube with a filling pressure of 2.5 bar.
The RadEye NL detector can be worn at the body in an optional holster using the users body as moderator. An optional moderator with handle is available for use outside the holster for search and find applications. A dose rate calibration factor can be entered for use in know neutron radation fields in reference to a calibrated neutron dose rate meter such as a remball.
High Sensitivity for Neutron Radiation
  • Rapid warning of neutron radiation fields.
  • Applicable as an Area Monitor.
  • Exceeds the neutron response requirements of ISO 22188.
  • Ideal complement to passive and active neutron dosimeters.
160g Lightweight with Low Power Technology
  • Always ready for use — can be worn and operated in its holster.
  • Hands-free operation with no restriction of personal mobility.
  • Rapid scanning of changing field intensities.
  • Detection of neutron shielding deficiencies and source presence.
  • Ideal complement to Rem-Counters.
No Spill-over from Gamma Radiation up to 10 mSv/h (1 R/h)
  • Ideal for verification of neutron fields when dealing with unknown radiation sources.
  • No false “Neutron Alarm.”
  • Can be used in high gamma dose rate fields.
Other Features:
  • Battery powered (2 x AAA alkaline or rechargeable)
  • Operating hours: approx. 500 h
  • Alarms 85 dB at distance of 30cm (11.8 in.)
  • Clear and large display
  • Communication interface: Infrared (IR), optional IR to USB cable or IR to serial cable, optional Bluetooth™
  • Settings and data analysis done by optional Windows™ based PC-software via serial data connection, USB or Bluetooth.
  • Logs last 250 alarms, error messages and changes of configuration.
  • 1600 history data entries with user adjustable time interval.
  • Certifications/Compliance EMC: Disturbance emission – EN 61000-6-3, immunity – EN 61000-6-2
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