Whole body contamination monitor
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Thoroughly scan for beta/gamma contamination on the entire body surface with the Thermo Scientific™ IPM96 Whole Body Contamination Monitor. Through innovative features including new Thermo Scientific™ Thorough-Scan™ gasless scintillation detector technology, reduced count times, and the highest number of detectors available in the industry, this radiation contamination portal monitor increases the accuracy of body scans and most importantly, provides confidence that your radiation controlled facility delivers on the promise of public safety.
Building on the proven architecture of the Thermo Scientific™ IPM9 Series Monitors and breakthrough electronics of the Thermo Scientific™ Series 12 Monitors, the IPM96 Whole Body Contamination Monitor enables efficient and accurate scanning for beta/gamma contamination on the entire surface of the body using 96 independent detection zones.
Thorough contamination monitoring of the body and clothing is executed with three vertical arrays of six detectors (18 total), with an active area of 600 cm2. Four detectors exclusively monitor the hands. The foot detector has an active area of 570 cm2. The overhead detector comes with an auto retracting overhead pull-down head detector.

Maximize Safety Controls
Total beta/gamma detection and superior performance are guaranteed with new Thorough-Scan gasless scintillation detector technology. Workers’ skin dose levels are kept ALARA through state-of-the-art algorithms and uniformity of the detectors, minimizing the risk of cross contamination.
Strengthen Compliance Efforts
Have confidence in compliance with Radiation Protection International Standards IEC61098 and CE Standards.
Reduce Maintenance Costs
New, low-maintenance scintillation detector modules and robust detector grid design drastically reduce the routine maintenance costs commonly required with current gas systems and more traditional technology. Current-generation whole body contamination monitors require significant resources to maintain their operation over time yet fail to achieve the highest attainable accuracy.
Greater Efficiency and Productivity
96 independent detection zones represents the highest number of detectors available in the industry with a standard count time of less than 10 seconds. Additionally, the integrated Electronic Dosimeter reader enables simultaneous log-out of RCA during the whole body monitoring cycle, minimizing the time required for personnel to queue and scan.
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